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About Guangxi TCM University

      Established in 1956, Guangxi Traditi -onal Chinese Medical University is the only higher TCM institution in Guangxi with multi-functions by combining teach -ing, scientific research, medical treat -ment and drug-production altogether. The university today has developed into having more than 2800 teaching, medic -al and management staff members and 15000 students. In addition, The university is striving to build a professi -onal training system, emphasizing on high-level education ready for the new century. Varieties of programs were offered to meet the different needs of the students. For instance, there are the master-degree program, the under-graduate program, the 3-year-non-degree program, the corresponding course program, the evening class program, the professional training program and the program for internation -al students. There are 18 majors in the university, namely, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acu-moxibustion & Tuina, Clinical Medicine of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Stomotology, Nursing, ......